We welcome all who wish to be baptised – or christened – the words mean the same.


Baptisms take place either in one of the main Sunday services or, if you would prefer a more personal service, a service on the Sunday afternoon. It is a special time as we welcome the person being baptised into God’s family. It is a celebration for family and friends alike.


If it is a child being baptised, we will come and meet you in your home to talk about the service, God Parents and the special meaning baptism has in the Christian community. The service is free. If you have the more personal service and would like hymns, there is a fee for the organist.


If you are an adult, your baptism will take place in the main Sunday service in one of our churches. We will also come and meet you in your home to chat about what you are doing and the service.


If you would like to be baptised, or have a child you would like to be baptised, then please contact Revd Margaret on 01603 893108 or

More information about baptisms can be found at