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Support for Ukraine's Refugees

Tap Twinning at St. Margaret's Felthorpe and All Saints Church Horsford.  

The church family donated £120 over the Christmas period to enable a tap in each church to be twinned with a tap in Uganda.  Thanks to Liz Dawes for organising and to everyone who made this possible. 

Felthorpe Newsletter February 2022

New Rural Dean!

Generous giving for Children's Society

Felthorpe Newsletter December 2021

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Remembrance Sunday Service @Horsford Church 14.11.21

With thanks to Horsford Parish Council for the 'Tommy' kindly donated to 'All Saints Church' Horsford; his photo is featured in this years Remembrance Sunday posters.

Remembrance Sunday Service @Felthorpe Church 14.11.21

Remembrance Sunday Service @Hevingham Church 14.11.21

Harvest Thumbs-up! 21.10.21

Harvest Giving 10.10.21

Donations at today's Harvest Celebration service of food and cleaning products will be passed onto Horsford Food Parcels. 50% of our none weekly envelope giving will be sent to Christian Aid as part of their annual Harvest appeal.  Thank you!

Introducing and welcoming 'Liz Dawes': 12.09.21

Confirmation Service 05.09.21

Communion Service

Horsford Church Room 50-50 Club 11.08.21

50 50 Club Church Room

'Bug Hotel' in St Margaret's Felthorpe, opens for business 06.08.21

Brian Rowlands, Churchwarden, has built and installed a 'Bug Hotel' in the church yard of St. Margaret's, Felthorpe.  It is open for business and by all accounts it is already getting very good ratings!

Bug Hotel - Felthorpe

Church Wardens elected 11.04.21

Congratulations to our new Church Wardens - elected April 11 2021 for All Saints Church, Isi Saunders (pic-left) and Rachel Stowell (pic-right)