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Fethorpe Newsletter November 2021

Remembrance Sunday Service @Horsford Church 14.11.21

With thanks to Horsford Parish Council for the 'Tommy' kindly donated to 'All Saints Church' Horsford; his photo is featured in this years Remembrance Sunday posters.

Remembrance Sunday Service @Felthorpe Church 14.11.21

Remembrance Sunday Service @Hevingham Church 14.11.21

Harvest Thumbs-up! 21.10.21

Harvest Giving 10.10.21

Donations at today's Harvest Celebration service of food and cleaning products will be passed onto Horsford Food Parcels. 50% of our none weekly envelope giving will be sent to Christian Aid as part of their annual Harvest appeal.  Thank you!

Introducing and welcoming 'Liz Dawes': 12.09.21

Confirmation Service 05.09.21

Communion Service

Horsford Church Room 50-50 Club 11.08.21

50 50 Club Church Room


'Bug Hotel' in St Margaret's Felthorpe, opens for business 06.08.21

Brian Rowlands, Churchwarden, has built and installed a 'Bug Hotel' in the church yard of St. Margaret's, Felthorpe.  It is open for business and by all accounts it is already getting very good ratings!

Bug Hotel - Felthorpe

Church Wardens elected 11.04.21

Congratulations to our new Church Wardens - elected April 11 2021 for All Saints Church, Isi Saunders (pic-left) and Rachel Stowell (pic-right)